One-on-One Coaching

Coaching is one of the most powerful resources if you want to succeed.

Sports stars, actors and successful business owners have known this for a long time. No one makes it to the top alone. People who reach the top all use coaches.

So now we have started to train parents to be the coach! 

Giving parents the skills they require to bring out the very best in their children and help them to reach their potential. Coaching, rather than teaching, encourages independence, responsibility and accountability. It helps the young person to develop self-awareness and helps them to not only set goals but also to recognise how best to reach them!

Coaching for parents is available via phone or Skype. We recommend a one hour call once a month to ensure you stay on track (For the first 2 months once every 2 weeks maybe more beneficial). Of course we can adjust this time frame to suit your budget, goals and available time.

We will be introducing coaching seminars for parents SOON!

Please call or contact us to find availability and discuss the best plan for you

Phone: 02 8678 2977