About ACE Parent

The ACE Parent program was created with parents in mind who just feel that they don’t know where to begin when selecting a philosophy or looking for advice. Through seminars and online learning opportunities, Dr Christie hopes to be able to share her knowledge and experience with an even broader target audience of new and established parents.

At ACE Parent, we strive to help all parents learn to be affirmative and confident in their parenting skills. We want them to feel empowered to make the decisions that they need to make when it comes to raising their family.

We recognise that each child within a family has different physical and emotional needs. These varied dynamics are exactly why there is no “one size fits all” parenting guide.

The ACE Parent goal will always be to help families dissect the most currently available information, finding ways to apply that knowledge to their own lives. We want parenting to be a positive experience, so that children may reach their greatest potential, and so that parents may enjoy these years as well!

Helping children to achieve their dreams 

starts with giving them 

the confidence to be empowered 

and affirmative in life.